Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hello Hello!! Okay, for those who have thought I dropped off the face of the earth and don't care about quilting anymore...not to worry...I just moved! A move that wasn't planned very far in advance, it actually all happened within a few weeks, and a move that transported us a couple of provinces over. Another move for the man in my life, yup DH and his work. So, I'm an Albertan again! I had to leave my lovely studio, my quilt guild ladies, my new customers and friends... :( My studio now remains in boxes and Miss Millie is in pieces...a lot of pieces! Construction begins in a couple of weeks to build me my space and I should be up and running and quilting up a storm by November...(crossing fingers). It's been hard not to sew at all lately and I've even thought about setting up shop in my walk in closet....umm, ya, it's that big. So, if I can find enough supplies without disturbing the mound of boxes too much I may get my sewing table set up, and at least get working on some ufo's, like I don't have enough calling my name. After sizing up the boxes marked "kits", I'm feeling as though I should have followed my dear friends advice and marked those boxes "linen closet, upper shelf". The longer they stay unpacked the more likely they are to be found by DH...hmmm. Well, I'll sign off for today but I do have a few pics that I will post soon of some quilts that I finished in an absolute panic before I left and unfortunately not all booked in were completed :(