Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Find!!!

During my recent quilting trip to the most beautiful valley in BC, I picked up these two cotton twigs...REAL COTTON...I had to have them for my studio. My new American friends in super warm climates may be thinking, "yeah, so what", but this is pretty spectacular for a small town Canadian!!!! I must thank my dear friend Linda for packing them ever so gingerly for me to carry them on the plane home. Oh, and thanks goes out to Val for insisting we stop at the greenhouse. Who knew I'd find such a treasure.


Mama Koch said...

Had to smile when I saw this picture. There are thousands of acres of cotton planted in Oklahoma. Guess we take a lot of things for granted.
I was raised on a peanut farm and we currently grow wheat. I'm still amazed at questions I get asked...but if you don't ask...you won't learn.

Gretchen said...

Love your photo of the cotton. Here in GA, I am still amazed every time I pass acres and acres of fluffy white cotton growning in fields in the hot summer. After it's harvested, there are bits of cotton everywhere along the roads. I've even seen cotton ginned at a really old gin. Thanks for visiting my blog. You can use jelly rolls for the quilt! I've also seen it made in reproductions and it was fabulous.