Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bargello Beauty!!

Pretty in Pink! This ever so pretty Bargello is a customer quilt that I quilted using the Cassaundra's Rose pattern with Pink Cuc thread top and bottom. No wonder I ran out of pink thread! :0) This was my first attempt at quilting a bargello and my very first time using super puffy poly batting. The batting stressed me out a bit, I was so worried about sewing puckers into the quilt...I have no idea how this turned out so beautifully. I let my customer know that if her daughter doesn't like it, I will personnally purchase it from her. How do we keep ourselves from getting so attached to these quilts that are in our lives for such a brief time. I love them all!

Here is a pic of the back of the quilt, it was a pretty pink batik.

I actually have a king size bargello kit at home made up in, you guessed it, earth tones. Hmmm, I will have to get at that sometime this year!


Quilt Nut said...

that is HUGE! and absolutely gorgeous!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Oh wow! What a beauty. Love how she blended and used the fabrics. So beautiful :o)

Michelle said... do such amazing work. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

Bethany said...

I love bargello quilts and this turned out fabulous!

Rhonda said...

I love that quilt. I think you did a great job and am sure the person will like it.